Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Motif  .....   "I CAN'T FIND MY COLOR OF CARPET! " 
Is this your dilemma?

Many of my walk-in customers look for carpet to be replaced based on a color that is no longer  the current color hue available on the market.  When there is a need to replace carpeting but the sofa, drapes, bedding, art work and wall colors are still a love in your home you may have to replace everything in the house!  Glendora Interiors can save you from re-decorating your entire home!  Get a fresh new look with your perfect color match and hue with Moda Carpets.   Choose a  new texture or pattern to go along with it!

Moda can custom dye any of its products to the color or shade that your home interior demands. That color can be chosen not only from the colors in any moda product but in any color you may find in carpet, paint, fabric, etc.
After your selection and approval of the color swatch, your moda carpet will be produced in the same timely and efficient manner as normal production without sacrificing anything in quality or performance

We will custom match your color sample in the moda product you choose and provide a color swatch in that quality that matches your color. This process takes a few days but is simple and a feature moda provides many customers each and every week.